Programs and Services

The Chesapeake-Potomac Spina Bifida Association has initiated the following services:

  • Support Network and Information Exchange - In order to increase the ability of families of individuals with spina bifida to better manage their child's care, a support network and information exchange between parents and the association was established.

    Individuals with spina bifida and their families can receive information and referral services from the association by calling 1-888-733-0988.

    The association publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Spinal Column that includes information about the association's services, resources, medical and legislative updates, information about our local chapters' activities. If you would like to read The Spinal Column, click on e-newsletter.
  • Parent-to-Parent Support - Parents can receive support and exchange information through our local chapter network. For more information, go to About Our Local Chapters.
  • Special Needs Fund - Through grant funding, the association has established a Special Needs Fund to provide financial assistance to individuals with spina bifida in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia for unsupported medical costs and support services. To apply, click on Special Needs Fund Application
  • Education Conference - to provide individuals with spina bifida, their families and health care providers updates on current best practices in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of spina bifida.
  • New Parent Visitation Program - The association provides informational kits to new parents of children born with spina bifida. Parent volunteers from local chapters are available to meet with new parents.

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Chesapeake-Potomac Spina Bifida, Inc.
P.O. Box 1750
Annapolis, Maryland 21404
Phone: 1-888-733-0988
Fax: 1-410-295-9744

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